Blogging Can Inspire!


A blog means an online diary, I  find reading other people’s blogs as an inspirational works. Every time I read a blog and how that blogger conveys a message, it influences me and makes me  think about such thing, it maybe negative or positive. I know you are wondering why I made this blog, I made this blog because writing is my passion since then, I am a school paper writer since elementary up to college and I was even an editor-in-chief of our college paper which is “The Clover”. Hehe.  I find writing very fun, it is really a passionate thing to do. I can convey my thoughts and what I feel on paper but now, in front of my laptop. I may not good much in public speaking but I can really  say to myself that writing is really my forte. Hehe

And now as a newbie blogger, I want to introduce to you my favorite bloggers from the different walks of life, from spiritual , lifestyle and fashion:

1) Anna BachinskyImage

I found her blog by browsing some pictures on the internet about being a Proverbs 31 woman and I accidentally came up with her blog and I can truly say that her blog is superb. If you are looking for a blog to help you in your spiritual growth and Christianity, her blog is really the best . I admit that when I read her blog, I am convicted,  like in her “Average Christian” post because sometimes,  I felt that I am just an average Christian wherein I just read the Bible and forgot what it says after I read it. But when I read her blog, I shivered to the bones because the words  on her blog was shouting at me  ” THIS IS YOU, Pollyana, This is you. ” And I’m very thankful for her blog for those posts because I was guided on what to do and not to do through my walks in life with Christ.


This blog post of Anna is one of my favorite because it gave me the tips on how to pray for my future husband even if we don’t meet yet or already met but I just don’t have any idea that he is the one. Hehe

Thank you Anna for being a blessing to me.  Continue to be a blessing! 😉

Go and visit her blog for spiritual growth and Christianity:

2) Annie Jaffrey


And now, I will move on to my favorite lifestyle blogger. I found Annie Jaffrey at YouTube while looking for videos  which can help me lose weight because at that time, I am 30 pounds heavier than I am now and I can honestly tell you that Annie is one of the reasons why I lost weight. Her belief on how to view her body is incredible, the amazing part of  what she said on one of her videos was that she separates her mind from her body and she views it as a machine that needs to be well fed and well nourished. I got my motivation from her to lose weight and she really influenced me to respect my body because it is the only place I have to live.



Annie is not just a health blogger but she also does make-up and fashion tutorials on her YouTube channel and blog. This girl is an overall package and she is also a believer of positive thinking wherein when you dream and believe you can do it , you can reach it.

Thank you Annie for having a big impact in my life. I am now a happier, healthier and fitter Pollyana because of your influence on how to view life and how to treat my body . Continue to be an inspiration to other girls out there. 😉

Go and visit her blog for inspiration:

3) Camille Co


Last but not the least, the Filipina Fashion blogger Camille Co. Most Filipina fashion enthusiasts knew Camille, I found her blog because she is one of the faces of the Apartment Eight, a clothing line. I found her blog very helpful on what and what not to wear and I also liked her because she styles her outfits simply but elegant.  Some fashion blogs were not helpful because the bloggers were too overdressed and I don’t know where planet they got their styles. Hehe.  But  Camille’s blog is an exception, her taste is chic, glam and fabulous.


Thank you Camille for your fashion sense and style. Continue to teach other girls like me on how to dress well and be fabulous. 😉

Go and visit her blog for more fashion tips:

How about you? Who is your favorite blogger? I’d love to know on the comments.  😀