Purple invades PINK


I’m in love with PINK , every time someone asks me about a certain color to choose from, I will be biased on pink and tell them that pink is the better color. Hehe. Pink reflects the sweetness of being a girl and it just so peaceful to look at. I wanna admit that most of my stuffs are pink from my wallets, bags and blouses. I am crazy about pink because it boosts the sweet and dainty childlike Pollyana inside of me.When I wore and use pink stuffs it just made me so happy which really brightens my day and puts a smile on my face.

But now on this post, I will not feature a color PINK outfit but a purple one. I wanna try some other colors, it’s just like not putting myself in a box and explore everything. Hehe.


Vest- Ultra Dress

Pants- Investments

Flats-  Kicks

Accessories- Fashion Haul


It is  a total purple invasion from my top to bottom.. The top, vest and pants are from my Aunt Sally living at Virginia. The pants was too big for me so I had it repaired from flare to skinny.  I remembered on my teenage years, I just wear anything that fits on me because I was too big, I have no fashion sense  but now I let it repaired just to fit because it is too big. How ironic! Such an achievement. Hehe

I am fond of using skinny pants because I have an apple-shaped body which means that I have a bigger upper body especially my chest than my lower body. When I am using skinny pants, it creates an illusion that I am thin because apple-shaped women have leaner legs than other body types and that is the advantage of this body-type. hehe

I wore this outfit at school and I felt really comfortable with this one. I’m wearing my flats and I felt carefree. I matched this flowery vest with this sleeveless blouse and it was so cool to look at. It is comfortable at the same time classy.


Do you wanna know who suggested to have this match? My mom. hehe

My mom is my personal stylist, she really makes sure that I dress well. I remembered last time that she was sleeping and I bade goodbye  to go to school , she woke up just to look at my outfit. How sweet of my mom.. hehe

I went to school and we waited for our professor until we decided  to go home. But before we went home, we took some pictures for remembrance and for fun. hehe

Here are some of the pictures with my classmates and my solo shots:



A special thanks to my classmate Yen for these shots, this is so me. Shy-type but carry on. Hehe!




With Cute and pretty Yenny!


Last but not the least, my selfie shots with my outfit. Hehe.

How about you? What is your favorite color?



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